[PASSED] Octer (aka mas886 and Red Nose) for GM

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Octer for GM?

Total votes: 43
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[PASSED] Octer (aka mas886 and Red Nose) for GM

Post by SriNitayanda »

Some GMs are not active lately and perhaps even want to take a step back, so we thought of nominating few candidates. We had few candidates in mind and some of them already got nomination poll's running.
So why Octer if we had others in mind, well i wrote a limerick to say why (a bit late for the competition i know):

Octer doesn't belong to any faction
So he'll be unbiased when he takes action
He also speaks spanish
And will make bots vanish
Octer as a GM will be the new attraction!

Besides the above reasons, Octer already helped the GMs when we needed help communicating with Spanish speaking players. He is an active town sitter, meaning he logs in everyday and can be reached through game channels. I think he'll be more helpful as a GM than a town sitter, so why not give him the job if he accepts it? (I asked him he accepts the nomination)

Anyway you decide, so here is the poll.
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Re: Octer (aka mas886 and Red Nose) for GM

Post by veryape »

I voted for yes with the reasons being that he is a good player that has always been helpful towards other players as far as I am aware.
He is nearly always online, knowing spanish is a big plus because of the number of players we have that speak spanish.

Octer for GM!
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Re: Octer (aka mas886 and Red Nose) for GM

Post by omatt »

Yes, of course.
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Re: Octer (aka mas886 and Red Nose) for GM

Post by prsm »

I also voted yes, he would make a great addition to the team!

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Re: Octer (aka mas886 and Red Nose) for GM

Post by SDN »

Voted "yes" for Count Octer to be a GM! :mrgreen:
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Re: Octer (aka mas886 and Red Nose) for GM

Post by Cassy »

omatt wrote:Yes, of course.
Exactly my first thought, for already listed reasons :alt-3:
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Re: Octer (aka mas886 and Red Nose) for GM

Post by Silent Dawn »

Rednose as a GM? Claro que si :D

P.S: Dont let this poll and the other ones running die. We have only 2 active GM's at the moment, we need more GM's. So please think which player would be a good addiction to the GM team in your opinion and vote;)

... again, rednose as GM? Yeshhhh
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Re: Octer (aka mas886 and Red Nose) for GM

Post by Reid »

Definitively yes! :)
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Re: Octer (aka mas886 and Red Nose) for GM

Post by Lalica »

Yes ! Octer GM :alt-7:
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Re: Octer (aka mas886 and Red Nose) for GM

Post by deepthought »

Hurray! Octer for GM!! I've know octer for a while. He's a young kid who's interested in programming, electronics. Works hard and always listens to you when you got problems. He follows game rules and i bet he would be very good GM. Also he's Catalonian from spain. Fluent in Spanish and English and i think he can understand Portuguese to some extent.

PS: I know this isn't a discussion forum but i request TMWC to do something with GM elections. It takes way too long to elect a GM. Nitay took one year and Arkhen still needs 14 votes, even after a year. We don't have 45 people active in forums.
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Re: Octer (aka mas886 and Red Nose) for GM

Post by Tibor »

I'am vote yes
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Re: Octer (aka mas886 and Red Nose) for GM

Post by Saulc »

More GM. More event. More fun. more player that will be great :D
I voted YES sir Octo <3
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Re: Octer (aka mas886 and Red Nose) for GM

Post by shadowwolf5797 »

I vote yes for Octer as GM.
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Re: Octer (aka mas886 and Red Nose) for GM

Post by thusmark »

GM Team needs to be more fashionable, so definitely a fantastic choice.
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Re: Octer (aka mas886 and Red Nose) for GM

Post by Micksha »

Yea Octer for GM!!! I will vote as soon as I got my 20 posts in here, lol.