Blocked Accounts

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Blocked Accounts

Post by prsm » 13 May 2019, 23:46


As of late, i have been inundated to unblock accounts that were banned years ago.

For the Record, I will only consider unbanning/unblocking accounts that have been
banned in the year. I have no desire to find out why someone was blocked 4 years
ago, or more importantly if that account even belongs to the person asking for the
unban/unblock. I don't have admin rights, nor do I want them.

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Re: Blocked Accounts

Post by Freeyorp101 » 14 May 2019, 12:14

If this is people wanting one of the accounts that were [blocked protectively back in 2014] unblocked, either contact or get them to contact me instead.

These bans were issued protectively, not punitively, and we'd be only looking to make sure that the passwords are changed so they can't be compromised again.

Prsm works tirelessly in many ways, but he isn't a position to reset passwords, or to reference old database snapshots. I can handle that.

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