10 Frequently Heard Rumors (by me)

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10 Frequently Heard Rumors (by me)

Post by jesusalva »

Answer to some of the rumors I hear the most.

1. Will TMW Legacy be shut down?

Not planned.

Of course, there is a catch. Do you remember sometime around December 2018, when someone exploited a char-server weakness and rendered TMW to be down for eight monthshours?

We had someone to fix it, in this example, so that flaw was fixed and TMW is running. However, another server (which many of us, including myself, loved), had a forked version of TMWA and could not fix.

Thus, in late 2018, Land of Fire (TMWA Server) closed the server.
The player data could be ported partially to Moubootaur Legends.

"Not planned" means we don't plan to shut down TMW Legacy in purpose. It does not means that TMW Legacy will run forever, things outside our control could murder it (even because, if it could, then we probably would not be doing the server move, right?)

2. Is TMW2 the new server?

And TMW2 is not even a game server.

TMW2 is a development team, led by Saulc, who manages Moubootaur Legends Server.
Its equivalent here is The Mana World Team.

3. What is this "Final Snapshot" thing?

TMWA uses a flatfile technology. If it sounds amazing - it is not.
So we cannot sync merge details. We will name a date, during Doomsday Act 5, and let you know with, hopefully, at least 24 hours antecedence.

We will copy and covert TMWA data so it can be used for the Merger Program.
Any difference to your TMW Legacy character after this date, will not be possible to be added to the merger program, in present or future.

4. Will the new server start fresh? Without any of my player data?

The new server will start fresh. Your player data will be there.

Levels: You will begin the game as a level 1 player.
If you had reached level X in TMW, you'll start as a reborn player.

TMW's rebirth system will be unique, but if you want inspiration, you can read ML article about rebirth.

Money: The currency has changed. Therefore, old money lost entirely its value.
Even if we bring your Gold Pieces (GP), it would be virtually useless and worthless, so we won't. However, we will try to make a ranking of the richest players of Legacy, and odds are that this ranking remains in our website for a looooooong time.

Eternal glory, hm?

Quests: All wiped.
We will maintain the time when you finished tutorial. For SCIENCE.
Not everyone in TMW have this date, for instance, chars older than 2010ish are from before we started recording dates.

Items: I cannot explain right now what will happen to your items.
I plan to give you this explanation right after the final fight with Zax De'Kagen, and I don't want to spoil the story. Specially because people worked hard to make it amazing.

However, I can disclose some technicalities.

  1. Consumables will vanish. If you have a stock of Iron Potions and Chicken Legs, use them to defeat Zax.

  2. Rare unusables, like the (useless) Plush Mouboo, will be brought. They cannot be traded in the new server, so be sure that they are where you want them to be.

  3. All equipment will be ported. WITH THE EQUIVALENT ITEM STATS. This means that if [Short Sword] became a Lv 35 sword with only 50 damage - these changes will apply to ported items.

  4. Ported equips will, for lore and for balance reasons, come with a... condition, which I cannot exactly explain right now because SPOILERS, which will lower total attack/defense. This means completing (again) the Short Sword Quest will give you a short sword better than the obtained via merge.

  5. Also for lore and balance reasons, it is POSSIBLE, that in an eventual future, that the... condition, could be removed. I didn't said it would be free or easy, though.

  6. Equips ported will also not be tradeable. It is unlikely that this restriction will ever be lifted.

  7. You will not be able to claim all ported items immediately after server starts. The item port will take multiple stages, and many of these are indexed in Real Time, not in Game Time. THIS IS A TECHNICAL LIMITATION. There is nothing that can really be done about it. Even so, we did held a vote even for this, and the majority in TMWT agreed.

  8. Again, a TECHINICAL LIMITATION, but ported items depend on a counter-part existing in rEvolt. We can only add a handful of items in rEvolt without a clear purpose. This means most items (eg. hats) will only become available for merge players when they also get a quest, or added for events.

This pretty much syntethises what was coded and planned thus far.
It could change without much forewarning for diverse reasons.

Do you remember when you are watching a beta propaganda, and it says, "FINAL PRODUCT DETAILS MAY DIFFER"? Yep, exactly. Final merge details may differ.

5. But I've heard you would port death count, boss points, mob points, etc.!

Every data in the Final Snapshot can be used for the merge.
The fact that we don't plan in using it, doesn't means we can't use it.

It is possible that we bring some data like death count, for Easter Egg purposes.

Imagine, finding in the underworld a tombstone saying, "here lies YOUR PLAYER NAME, who before <CENSORED>, died like a noob 4591 times." The censored word is a game designation for the events, don't worry with it.

Of course, easter eggs are cool things which do not affect the game and are added for fun.

6. TMW rEvolt is not TMW. I do not recognize it.

Also a lie.
It'll make much more sense after the final battle, of course.

TMW rEvolt do have unique aspects. Player starting area changed - AGAIN.
Older players will know that TMW used to start in Tulimshar, not in Candor.
Likewise, you'll now start elsewhere.

And with new quests. Wait, do you have such strong feelings for hide'n'seek quest?
We can bring it back, of course. But most people didn't care.

7. I saw the test server and it looks nothing like TMW.

We did some remapping, and changed art style of a few (many) things.

We do this all the time, always did. Remember rEvolt has been in making since 2016 - So you'll feel four years of development in a single blow. I expect you to find it vaguely familar, and yet, so unknown.

Well, I think you would also feel in a similar way if you last played TMW before 2014 and came back now.

We are also slowly adapting NPC dialogs and scripts. This is still a work in progress. It is almost ready (at least locally).

8. The new server will have lags.

That's an understatement. The new server have LOTS of lag.

We'll provide you a skill to resync the client, so part of the lag will vanish.
I know it is kinda lame, but it does the trick.
Otherwise, we can wait a whole year (maybe two, still being optimist) without updates while DEVs work to solve this issue.

9. TMWT do not listen to players.

We listen to players. To ALL of the players.
Your opinion is certainly taken in account, but it is worth as much as anyone's else.
We do not play favorites.

So of course things are not exactly "how I wanted to be". In fact, I think no one agrees 100% with current state of art. Not even me. But I also hope that no one disagrees 100% with them either, which was the objective.

This aside, feel free to bug me anytime.
My email is jesusalva AT themanaworld DOT org, and you can very often find me ingame.
When I'm not in TMW, I may be at Moubootaur Legends. I'm also often at IRC and almost always at Discord.

And I also check the forums often, so you can send me a PM or even make a shout out. Most TMWT members can be found the same way.
Remember: First, a player. Then, a contributor. Everyone in TMWT used to be a player. Some played more than others, but everyone should be able to understand you.

10. TMWT is short-handed.

This is true.
(Whoa, a completely true rumor! \o/)

We could use a lot more of human resources. Even wiki editors and testers are welcome; To be honest, I've been so busy RL + coding stuff, that I barely have time to test.
Wiki is still mostly empty.

Reporting bugs also help! We may not address them at once, but knowing where they are is important. (For example, I know Peter is broken. Moubootaur Legends has a different version of Peter, with a small known bug. Knowledge is power, even if I can't fix it, I can at least do something about it.)

I do not promise magical solutions to your problems. I often will go ahead and encourage you to try to code/map/draw your idea. Not only me, but many of us.

Do not take that offensively. We only have so much time to allocate to TMW, so we try to optimize it to the best of our abilities. Training you to code something you want to see, instead of doing that ourselves, is more effective in long-term.

Anyway. Most people on TMWT don't have a lot of free time, but we accept all help we can get. So feel free to come around Discord/IRC/Forums with your ideas, and discuss with us. We'll be happy in pointing you to anything you should be aware of.

PS. If you want to help with GM'ing, you still need to be voted by the community. We may be shorthanded, but rules are rules! :lol:

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There's a rumour going around Tulimshar that...

Post by GoldDragon »

I've heard a rumour that a contingent is forming to inaugurate the new world with a complex song and dance routine in which all of the performs will be wearing chicken suits... True? False?

On the other hand, I have been spending a lot of time down in the bat cave. The fumes from all that guano tend to make me a little woozy. :alt-8:

jesusalva wrote:

Wait, do you have such strong feelings for hide'n'seek quest?

RIP, Hide and Seek quest. :alt-4:

On a serious note, thank you to everyone volunteering their time and energy to create this game/environment for us. :alt-3:

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Re: There's a rumour going around Tulimshar that...

Post by jesusalva »

GoldDragon wrote: 10 Jun 2020, 17:55

On the other hand, I have been spending a lot of time down in the bat cave. The fumes from all that guano tend to make me a little woozy. :alt-8:

I think bat caves are safe, but don't do that on the mines!

I've heard Micksha added dangerous gas leaks there as a random feature!

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Re: 10 Frequently Heard Rumors (by me)

Post by Ledmitz »

jesusalva wrote: 10 Jun 2020, 00:00

Rare unusables, like the (useless) Plush Mouboo, will be brought. They cannot be traded in the new server, so be sure that they are where you want them to be.

We can only have 1 account on rEvolt, right? Do you mean they must remain on the character or does it mean move all items I want to 1 account or does it mean something else?

I've been wondering about this one. I am concerned about losing something because it isn't on the right character or even the right account. I have no idea how this part is going to work.

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