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Offtopic feedback/criticism/flame

Post by Hello=) »

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Seems ppl basically bulk-applied these assets. And I'd say its like 99% good. Modulo this particular sound I guess. This also changed lightning. I dont mind it much, made it more powerful/visible, personally I've would shortened FX duration a bit. And confringo, I take it for improvement. Even if mage now emits black smoke, old FX had usability issue: its barely visible, problematic for shortrange spell in stack. And I'd say most of it better to go Evolved as well, if not already.

And then ... Evolved is nice, cool and featured engine and I really like it. But so far nobody been able to take on lags issue for the real, right? I hope over time we'll become wiser and could be able to nail that down (some C/C++ ppl also slowly sneak in, improving our chances). But what should we do here and now? Get comlpetely stuck without user visible things for a while? Sounds like bad plan to me. In a sense, when Evolved would become better in aspects players actually give damn, switchover could even happen "native" (soft) way: ppl would prefer go here, without pointing gun or smth. Oh btw: HoraK also voiced some other concerns he hated, e.g. he wasnt happy of XP sharing on Evolved. And when HoraK isnt happy of smth around gameplay and mechanics IMO its worth of consideration, he's quite a fan of MMORPGs and game mechanics expert, that's what so nice when he also dev who hangs around with us, btw..

As for real games, IMO TMW Legacy been "real game" almost from start, at least in 2009 it had this feeling, quite enough to keep me around since then. TMW had all key traits of MMORPG, that is MMO (players) and RPG (roleplaying). TMW a bit like Linux in sense its a bit adhoc, incomplete, WIP, chaotic, skeles in closett, but its playable and fun and its good enough to support viable community around, that got to like this style it seems.

p.s. on the edge of offtopic I'm also have fun with some spells and so far its on TMWA, trying to both improve my scripting skills, fix some long standing woes and just make few spells more fun. Though I think I could consider porting changes to Evolved as "tech debt". But I'm not fully certain of what meant to happen to magic system on Evolved, Jes had some really interesting ideas but I cant admit I have full understanding of plan yet. At which point I'd stick to smaller task I can grasp and implement, aka fiddling with few TMWA spells (already done to some extent, just WIP).

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Re: [Legacy] Merge WW into upstream?

Post by Hocus Pocus Fidibus »

Hello=) wrote: 30 Oct 2022, 21:17

Oh btw: HoraK also voiced some other concerns he hated, e.g. he wasnt happy of XP sharing on Evolved. And when HoraK isnt happy of smth around gameplay and mechanics IMO its worth of consideration, he's quite a fan of MMORPGs and game mechanics expert, that's what so nice when he also dev who hangs around with us, btw..

Then he should voice those concerns somewhere, where they can be discussed (with the other devs, who might be game mechanic experts too, regardless of whether you want to deny it to them).
Not sure if he means ... if so: It was planned for revolt and so far using it in evolved has not been discussed afaik (but imho it should be, for reasons already mentioned in the Issue).

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Re: [Legacy] Merge WW into upstream?

Post by jesusalva »

First: This is public chat and we're going in off-topic.

Second: If the party sharing rule between Evolved and TMWA differ, it is a bug in battle_local.conf ─ They should be the same. Will later check but AFAIK they're the same.

Third: I no longer respect anyone claiming to be "a fan of MMORPGs and game mechanics expert". Have had a couple of those in Moubootaur Legends, they were great at making changes which would be fun/interesting for high level players sacrificing noobs/new players in the way. For example I'll cite a black scorpion at the only exit of Tulimshar. Definitely fun to dodge, and totally inadequate as Black Scorpions are Lv 50 mobs, and Tulimshar Desert is a Lv 20 area (meaning it could kill you in one critical hit, or two regular hits ─ so it was removed. Any mechanic expert will say that evading such monster is a basic skill you need to play, or that it is part of the game, or to call friends, or whatever. That still doesn't make it a good idea).

Fourth: Yes, the correct place to discuss such stuff is GitLab tickets or the proper forum section ─ and this is definitely not "music & sfx".

Fifth: TMW is a game for everyone. Just because you don't like a particular thing, doesn't mean it'll be changed, and I don't care if you're the US President, the strongest player, or just a random noob who started playing the game 15 minutes ago. That's why we have majority rule among developers, anyway. But everyone have a special skill, a powerful magic, called DIY ─ Do It Yourself.

If you're not happy with something, in most times you can do it yourself: roll up your sleeves and make a Merge Request. See what others think about it. TMW empowers its community precisely because anyone can contribute.

(...Under the risk of stating the obvious, if you make a patch to give you free exp, then the majority will stop you from doing so ─ that's what 'majority rule' does most of the time, anyway)

Level up FX is worth rolling back. Thunder... is not. If you really want to roll back thunder FX... I would usually say to submit a patch, but then we would have two patches (one changing and one reverting the change), so open a git ticket, a forum thread, or start a discussion on IRC and lets see what's the current consensus, and then we can go from there.

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Re: Offtopic feedback/criticism/flame

Post by WildX »

This split thread comes with a general warning to the original poster to avoid further necros or offtopic posting as it has been disruptive over the past few days. (I don't encourage further discussion on this but if it needs to be please do it over PM)

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