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Post by Rotonen » 18 Jun 2007, 11:47

If it is up to me, every item will have so many attributes and hidden attributes that every item will be unique and it will be all up to the almighty god of random.
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Post by zick » 19 Jun 2007, 16:50

yes, i like this idea.
like every item should have some base value and then a positive or negative modifier ... so not everyone has the same quality "iron sword" or whatever.

i don't think a bank is bad idea, but i thought i read that the developers want to focus on real estate that way you can store your stuff there. i don't like the idea of storing stuff so that you can get it to another character you own. i mean how is that real. if you get something awesome that one of your other characters can use, then thats the breaks ...
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Re: Bank

Post by redwolf » 12 May 2008, 19:43

no, i think, given the already massive strain on the devs to make this new server work, doing things like that would just delay the switch longer. while i'm excited to play on a server that is actually getting completed, i think that the non-tradeable idea is a good one. that way one player doesn't end up with 20 short swords.
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