joystick support

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joystick support

Post by Maniac » 16 Oct 2005, 10:37


I think you should deactivate joysticks by default because the stick only has to be slightly left or right (without touching it) and your character always moves in that direction. So you have to unplug your joystick to make this game playable. maybe you did that because of gamepads but it is a disaster
if you have a joystick. And it is also a problem if you have a gamepad with sticks.

PS: Sorry for my english ^^
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Post by ElvenProgrammer » 16 Oct 2005, 12:16

You have to change the tolerance in config.xml, try to slightly increase it. I know that's still a problem, we're working to fix it and to add some kind of utility to calibrate the joystick.
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