How to test my map from client of mac version

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How to test my map from client of mac version

Post by swimmy » 19 Mar 2010, 09:18

As I see the wiki, I need to remove old map file, and put my map to ~/Application Support/The Mana World/updates/
But the client seems to load from .zip files, so I couldn't replace.
I tried deleting all zip file with map, but the client crashed. And also, I tried making zip file with every map, except for old map. But also crashed.
Is there any way to test my map?
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Re: How to test my map from client of mac version

Post by Crush » 19 Mar 2010, 10:11

There are two very helpful command line parameters for the TMW client. Unfortunately I can not explain you how to start applications with command line options on MacOS because I am not a mac user myself.

-u to skip and ignore the auto updates
-d <path> to set a path with the unpacked data files to use.

When you do this you need the complete data files in this path. You can get them by using Git to clone the content repository or by unpacking all the update files. Instructions for both can be found here: ... =13&t=2617
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