Magic Sytem & Against Magic System....

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Magic Sytem & Against Magic System....

Post by criptos » 05 Nov 2005, 02:29

So, I´m trying to create a codeable idea from the magic system..

So far, so good, nothig to show... mostly of my work has been based on the wiki:

Information missing from the wiki:
Casting time?
Casting time will decrease: Why?
Cassting time will increment: Why?
Spells will be improved upon usage and trainning?
I really dont unsderstand the General spell information :(
Does a NPC and a Player sould get "elemental' attributes or stats? Be conformed by some porcentage of elemental?

A player should requiere a prop to cast a spell? For example to cast a fireball should I need a lava rock until I get my spell to a certain amount of trainning?

An anti-spell is still an spell?

How "magic" items could be handled?

Can I apply magic to a weapon?

Can I apply magic to ANY object?

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Post by cblade » 30 Dec 2006, 21:11

first off, my thoughts are spell times should me at the most when untrained, and as you train, they decrease casting time and decrease spell mp use as they get better.

While i am by no means recoomending that after 20 levels of development, a ultra powerful spell should only cost 10 mp, it should start at about 100, and every level decrement by about 2 or 3.

Also an elemental stats should be implemented, I think one should be able to choose two elements, and take penalties and bonuses accordingly. Therefore if you take fire, you become vulerable to ice, and taking ice, become vulunable to earth, so on and so fourth. I am also working on a suggestion for an increased spell list, but it will taker some time.

As for magic items, they should be created, but only to be used by it's master, this afterall keeps people from buying uber weapons when they shouldn't be able to use them, ether by conflict of master or element. I would like to see the first of the two implemented, however what remains for me to be more gamish, is that you cannot use something against your own element. I also think you should have to gather the componants for the making, and use MP and HP to make it, therefore after crafting the item, you will need to rest. Also the magicial item should be powerful as the componants used to make it.
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Post by Rotonen » 31 Dec 2006, 08:11

No to resurrecting ancient threads without a proper reason.

This message used to be meaningful.