[SOLVED] where is 'config.xml' in Win7?

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[SOLVED] where is 'config.xml' in Win7?

Post by bigglesworth » 11 May 2010, 06:42

I can't find manasource's "config.xml" in Windows 7. I would like to reduce my screen to a 1440x900 window. Executing the binary gives...

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[05:02:49.40] Mana v0.1.0.20100510
[05:02:49.40] Initializing SDL...
[05:02:49.41] Initializing resource manager...
[05:02:49.41] Adding to PhysicsFS: ./data
[05:02:49.41] Adding to PhysicsFS: data
[05:02:49.41] Adding to PhysicsFS: C:\Users\milkchan\AppData\Local/Mana
[05:02:49.41] Setting video mode 5760x1080 fullscreen
[05:02:49.41] Error: Couldn't set 5760x1080x0 video mode: No video mode large enough for 5760x1080
SOLVED: It is here... C:\Users\milkchan\AppData\Roaming\mana\Mana>
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