hey...ill lose my char when update ??

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hey...ill lose my char when update ??

Post by Lichyd » 23 Nov 2005, 21:38

in any updates futures ill can lose my hard train... in this version ? because if i get chance of lose my char...ill stop of train now ... *sorry for my english* :wink:
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Post by Gonzalo » 23 Nov 2005, 21:59

Only if you sold your soul.

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Post by Crush » 23 Nov 2005, 22:42

when the new server software comes (release: WhenItsFinised™) the soulless chars will be deleted. but the dev team will try their best to port the not soulless chars to the new system. but the new software will use a completely different level and stat system. that means that it won't be possible to convert the chars exactly. it can't be guaranteed that the efford you've put into your chars will be equal to the efford it would have taken to create your converted char under the new circumstances. It may be possible that leveling becomes more difficult and you safe time when you level your char now. but it could also be possible that the time is wasted because you could level the char you got for leveling for months under the old system can be archieved in a week with the new system.

...we will see...

but don't forget: you are playing for fun, not for getting the most powerful char in the shortest playtime.
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