Re: Freeyorps question about the magic system

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Re: Freeyorps question about the magic system

Post by Crush » 01 Jul 2010, 14:24

Freeyorp wrote:There are support spells listed on your article, but it is a very short listing with only three entries. Even then, how are you planning on the compulsory effect syllable affecting these spells?
The application syllable of a support spell will affect how it works. As I wrote on the article there is a generic "bless" which is for buff spells and the element of the effect decides which attribute is increased. The "barrier" syllable is for protective buffs and the element decides in which way it protects the character. The level of the application will affect the quality of the buff (duration, amount of increase etc.)

There are just three because I didn't came up with more yet. But there is space for 256 application syllables, so when someone has ideas feel free to suggest them.
The summon spells are simply listed as spells without any indication as to how the parser should derive these spells, or even any associated runes to go with them. What is your plan for these? They apparently have some connection with your plans for procedurally generated spells as they are listed on the same page, but I cannot find any explanation of how.
The summon spells are also application syllables like the support ones. As with the support ones the application will determine how powerful the created creature is and which strengths and weaknesses it has.
You have stated that you want healing spells to be separate from this scheme, but how then are you intending to award/craft healing spells? Isn't separation of such things impairing player choice/specialization? What limitations are you placing on healing spells a character can have available?
This is an aspect which is as undetermined as the special system. My general intention is also using runes for healing, but 1. use a different skill for healing runes than for elemental magic, 2. use a different "rune grammar" (maybe no combination, maybe combination of completely different syllables) and 3. place a different focus on the individual stats so that a perfect healers character build looks different from a perfect offensive spellcasters build.

I would like to use a special ID space separated from elemental rune magic for healing magic.
The final part of the page documents unsorted spells. This is the part that reminds me of tmw-eathena more than ever, but if you say that the entire article is intended for tmw-manaserv then so be it.
These seem to be the most creative out of any spells listed on the entire page, which I suppose is why they are having trouble being sorted into a procedural system. It is mainly spells such as these that I am wondering about.
This section was added by fate who designed the current eA magic system and wants to take some elements from it over to Manaserv. Things which don't fit into the rune magic system can be implemented in a different specialID space as part of a different system.

I wouldn't even go so far to say that rune magic has to be the only magic system in TMW. The special system allows for completely different special action systems to coexist (like wizard-style magic, sorcerer-style magic and psionics coexist in D&D, for example). We just have to watch out that we don't break the game balance.
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Re: Freeyorps question about the magic system

Post by Rotonen » 01 Jul 2010, 20:54

Crush wrote:We just have to watch out that we don't break the game balance.
Which is why I want to implement things one thing at a time to the testing server. It's nice to have a bigger picture, but taking tiny bites at a time ensures not choking on it.
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Re: Freeyorps question about the magic system

Post by John P » 01 Jul 2010, 21:34

I know it's late in the game, but given the new attention to the system and Freeyorp's questions....

A few proposals:

1) Make the elements (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth) into their own Rune Syllable (Called the "Effect Syllable" or "Element Syllable"). Placed in a slot of armor with no other syllables, the rune would be a simple elemental defense.

This would make the basic syllable useful/functional for all types of magic users (support, tank, etc), and perhaps even warriors and other classes.

Add "Touch" as an Attack Application Syllable to create a touch-ranged attack (Fire+Touch = Touch-ranged Fire Attack)

All other aspects of the article should fit with this change (Fire + Soul = Fire-element enchancement). Support Runes should not require one more syllable than Attack Runes, in my opinion.

To create ranged Fire-element Enhancement, would you do Fire+soul+range or just use a different Application Rune, such as: Fire+Mire's Soul = Ranged Fire-element Enhancement?

2) Create element of "Light" to be Element Syllable that can combine to create Healing Runes.

-Light+Heal = no range healing, Light+Revive = no range revive, Light+Heal+Range = Range heal, etc.

-Conversely, you will probably need the element of "Dark" (although not right away) to do evil stuff (Mana drain, Vampire, etc.)

3) Thoughts?
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