tA Community Group Proposal and Server Potential

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tA Community Group Proposal and Server Potential

Post by Wombat » 19 Jul 2010, 19:35

I am wanting to make deeper contact with a local computer community group and offer my assistance to them to further both our development and help a tech-based local community at the same time. It is a great promotional device and perhaps another way to conceive tA development. I'd like help brainstorming on this and perhaps see who is interested in remaining open to people new to development assistance.

Volunteer training classes I propose offering my local community. This may include things I've not yet gained a grasp on, but am willing to learn in order to teach others:

- Education on open source licenses and the uses of GPL within non-profit and for profit environments.

- Understanding Ubuntu OS installation, Debian packages and the use of a Terminal command line for software installation.

- Training on the use of tAthena Scripting, GIMP, Inkscape and Tiled-qt in the creation of content for an Open Source gaming environment.

- Training on the uses of the pidgin messaging client, phpBB, wiki-media editing and mantis bug tracker to keep project collaborators informed on proposed changes and updates to content and software.

- Training on adding, committing and making patches through Gitorious as well as how to push and revert patches. This would also include informing people on the uses of SSH and Internet security (public and private keys) as well as their limitations within Internet community based projects.

- Training on server administration as well as purposes and limitations on ensuring a server is secure. How to protect, counter act and overcome attacks on a server. This may include opposite training on how to perform these attacks to understand how to defeat them.

- Training on the uses of play testing as software testing as well as how game balance concepts relate to proper scripting and programming. The history of tA hacking eAthena programming (C programming language?) in order to make it function along with its successes and limitations.

I'd like to stream line these trainings in some ways, but also the more I offer the community, the more potential I'll have in securing a few things:

- Potential use of a server by both the Internet development community and a local community not-for-profit.

- Participation in computer hardware groups, Linux groups and conventions to promote tA as a learning tool.

- A new way to expand the development base of tA based on face-to-face relationships as well as creating online relationships in a group-to-group environment.

- Potential access to grants that help community projects succeed.

Training would mix with local face-to-face courses and be open to using the Internet as a medium for further training.
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