0.0.18 Review By:Bear

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0.0.18 Review By:Bear

Post by Bear » 24 Dec 2005, 08:05

Hi there, alot of you dont know me... but im Bear, ive been playing TMW since 0.0.....1?!

Anyways, i was here when the project started, its had its ups and downs. SO ive decided to write reviews of the upcoming releases.

Goals on the Roadmap
Add New Playerset
-Add Visible Equipment
-Add Female Playerset

Add Crush's woodland tileset
-Add forest maps using woodland tileset
-Improve current tilesets

These are all the features a character can realy react with.

I would like to say that this was one of the best releases ever, but i realy cant say that... Reasons? Listed below
1. New player sets were delayed.
2. Since the above, no visible equip.
3. Since the above, no female sprite sheet
4. Even if its santas release, *correct me if im wrong* there is no warper to the mountain maps!
5. So, overall there have been NO changes graphics/world wise.
6. Mountain map(s)?! There seems to only be one.
What I Liked:
New monsters!!!
-Santa Slime
-Reindeer Slime
-Lulla Bud type monster
-Spore monster

New Items
-Items that associate with the new monsters and a few others.

.... New maps? many people cant access them right now, but when you do, theyr actualy pretty good. Although i think there should be more space to walk in the mountain set map. When there are many players online, its better to have alot of room...

I give the release-
- 4 of 5 on Core Development
- 3 of 5 on World Development
- 3 of 5 on Content Development

Well, my over all review of this release is a 3 of 5.

This is a very ONE sided evaluation, so you have every right to disagree and hate me if you must. But this is what i think.

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Post by Lost » 24 Dec 2005, 08:37

Thank you Bear for telling us whats new in 0.0.18
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Post by Matt » 24 Dec 2005, 11:05

If you want to know whats new read the NEWS file in the tmw directory.

The warps are a serverside thing, just wait until elven updates the server data.

http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/t ... iew=markup
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Post by Bjørn » 24 Dec 2005, 11:45

I just want to say it's rather unfair to start comparing the upcoming 0.0.18 release with the Roadmap which still says 0.0.18 is delayed "until further notice". The delay of the features it is listing still applies, and now that this 0.0.18 release is out the door, the things on the roadmap would really apply to 0.0.19.

With the worst release being no release, I do agree 0.0.18 is still a rather lousy release, especially when taking into account that it comes two months after 0.0.17 and changes little. It's mainly just Elven and neko-mon who eventually found some time to do this update, but the larger part of the team is still too busy with other things unfortunately.
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Post by Modanung » 25 Dec 2005, 17:55

I've got time again, I'll work on stuff shortly. :)
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