Day and Night!

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King Air_BR
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Day and Night!

Post by King Air_BR » 09 Sep 2010, 13:08

Personally, I am a player TMW_BR and engineers from our server if it was possible to create day and night they informed from me that if it were possible to just you from. Org could implamtar So my suggestion is that creation in real time the day the early afternoon, late afternoon and night and wonder if this is possible now with the new client or if it is not possible, this was a rescurso I noticed being used in the game but they use T1B14 doing dawn the early and dark here all the time and could be in real time in explaining the possibility of this happening ... ( ... 3&start=10)

Thank You!!!
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Re: Day and Night!

Post by Indigovox » 09 Sep 2010, 20:31

type this?

Re: Day and Night!

Post by Tengu » 10 Sep 2010, 03:35

Well, I don't know if they explained well, but the issue is the changing scenario over time in the game.
More or less the times when you go to Tulimshar's desert, and you enter in a sand storm.

Is possible change the "layer" of the scenario by the time?
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Re: Day and Night!

Post by Crush » 10 Sep 2010, 07:10

Allowing map modifications (including map properties like fore- and backgrounds) at runtime is planned for Manaserv (keyword "map patching"). When it is implemented eventually the tmwAthena devs might follow and integrate this feature into tmwAthena, at least partially.

I wouldn't bet on this happening soon, though, because there are about 571935821 thing with higher priority.
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Re: Day and Night!

Post by Rotonen » 12 Sep 2010, 07:40

I'd just simply disable the night effects from my client. They are a pure annoyance with no extra value added.
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