setting "TMW_Quest" in NPC-Script of Sarah causes a problem

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setting "TMW_Quest" in NPC-Script of Sarah causes a problem

Post by Jenalya » 22 Sep 2010, 21:05

Hello everyone,

I started a second character on my account today and was not able to do the quests in Tulimshar.

I only registered for monster points and learned emoticons and trading. I did no other quest.
Then I talked to Sarah and accepted her cherry cake quest.

After that, I talked to Bernhard, and he says:
"I didn't mention it before, but I also put beer in my soup. I hope you like beer as much as I do, because, you see..."

This seemed to me like the answer, that should be printed after doing his quest.
So I looked up the sources and found out the following:

When talking to Sarah with "TMW_Quest < 6" and accepting her quest, it is set to 7.
But when talking to Bernard with "TMW_Quest >= 4", the "L_Done2" things are executed.
So if talking to Sarah first, it is no more possible to do the Bernhard quest (and Mikhails and maybe others too).

That was not a problem for me, because I had cherry cake in my storage from the other character. But new players won't be able to fulfill Sarahs quest, because Bernhards reward for his quest is the cherry cake.

I guess, the case handling of Sarah should be corrected.

greetings, jenalya
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Re: setting "TMW_Quest" in NPC-Script of Sarah causes a prob

Post by alastrim » 23 Sep 2010, 00:07

Good point.

It is the same with Mikhail's quest. If you talk to him with (TMW_Quest < 4) and accept the quest, you will no longer be able to do bernard's part of the linear quest.

I think the labels "L_Convince_Mikhail_First" and "L_Convince_Sarah_First" should end with a "close;", just like it is in vincent's script(label "L_Convince_Vincent_First").
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Re: setting "TMW_Quest" in NPC-Script of Sarah causes a prob

Post by fatalfeel » 29 Mar 2012, 12:41

Whats is TMW_Quest?

even I know C++ but whats it mean?
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Re: setting "TMW_Quest" in NPC-Script of Sarah causes a prob

Post by Crush » 29 Mar 2012, 13:15

It's a character-bound variable which stores the progress of a quest the character is on.

This thread was about a programming problem in the eAthena scripting language, which is very different from C++.

Also, please don't necro old threads from two years ago.
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