Players affecting the environment?

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Players affecting the environment?

Post by brynjarh » 27 Dec 2005, 21:49

I haven't tested this game yet but I was wondering how much a player can affect the environment in the game, they can kill I guess? But will they be able to lift rocks/pots/[object]? Throw them?

And are there any more advanced ideas being thought out and then implemented when the time comes?

Having players be able to change the environment to some extent would make the game feel allot more "real", feeling that your actually apart of it and the world around you isn't just graphics, it's something that can be interacted with.

Will this game test out new concepts and ideas in 2D MMORPG to make it more fun, interactive, dynamic(mix of the old and the new)?
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Post by Matt » 27 Dec 2005, 22:10

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Post by Ultim » 28 Dec 2005, 08:35

Yes, it does all that and more! In fact:
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Post by Bjørn » 29 Dec 2005, 13:20

Ok stop trolling people, the point can be made in a much more civil way.

At the moment, world interaction is very basic. However, as we progress it is certainly interesting to explore richer world interaction and also have players take part in world economy and politics. You won't find any of this on our current roadmap yet though.
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