Resourcelinks/First impressions Updates

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Resourcelinks/First impressions Updates

Post by Gotcha » 29 Oct 2010, 17:50

hi all,
i went through different spots regarding tmw infos and thought some of them should have small updates to not mislead potential new players.
explicitly i mean the description of the first screenshot people see on
it says: "a view on the current desert area", but is a very outdated screenshot. as a first screenshot it could easily be a new one, maybe with showing some event going on.(tmw has over 800 weekly downloads at though, but that could rais i think)

the second bigger thing is part of the main website: anyone considering taking action with development right away would be lead to not up to date locations, like the sf repos instead of the used git ones, and could conclude that development stopped when not digging deeper.

last but not least: the "about" page needs some love, with maybe at least 1 or more screenshots and a motivating, player- not devbased introduction.

to sum it up: the parts of the "official frontend" should really match the actual state, and i would be glad to help with that if wanted.

edit: the client interface: it really should have the best fitting theme available set as default, which imo is the wooden one available in the 4144 client patch. i dont know if that would be doable easily with the official client, but at the same time, i dont know why the official client doesn't merge with the 4144 one and have all the extra options just disabled by default.
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