Late monster drops AND Not being able to fight targeted mob

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Late monster drops AND Not being able to fight targeted mob

Post by BadLink » 28 Nov 2010, 03:34

Still new here so this may be an un-fixable problem.

After I kill monsters many times I begin to move away and notice at the last second there was a drop. Most drops show right away but there are many that don't show.
This is also a problem for others. I know this because I have found the drops they missed :lol:

Also, many times I will target a monster and when I try to fight them nothing happens.
I can see the blue ring around the monster but when I hit the X key, nothing. Eventually the monsters just disappears. Not sure if I am getting credit for the kill or not.

I'm using Windows Vista if that helps. Please don't tell me I need a new computer to kill monsters :cry:

Oh, and thank you
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Re: Late monster drops AND Not being able to fight targeted

Post by Kage » 28 Nov 2010, 04:18

This is not a issue with your computer, its a server/client issue.

For some reason the client doesn't always register a move packet. Meaning the monster has actually moved positions. Once this happens it will not see any more move packets.

The result, is that when you try to attack this mob, the server actually sees you as further a way from the target then it appears on your screen.

The mob disappears because once a mob gets so far a way the server removes it from the client's memory (No sense in telling the client about every being on the map).

The solution to this, is to simply walk around (normally not far) attacking the air. Chances are good that eventually you'll hit it on the server and the server will correct the monster's position.
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