Repeatable attribute based quests

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Repeatable attribute based quests

Post by Acegi » 05 Dec 2010, 00:57

One of the quests that is rarely used is the herbs->healing potions. Whilst like other quests it's a fetch and get given type I think it's more interesting because it requires a high stat in a certain attribute (intelligence in this case) to make good items. Why not have other attributes too?

An example could be:
Strength -> Blacksmith weapons
For each weapon, a random number is picked between 0 and your attribute (strength in this case). The higher your strength the higher the chance of making a higher level weapon.
0-5 you get a knife
5-14 you get a dagger
15-34 you get a stronger weapon
35-99 you get a stronger than weapon above
So using 100 of whatever the ingredient/resource and 99 strength you would make on average:
5 knives, 10 daggers, 20 "stronger weapons", 65 "even stronger weapons".

With this idea you have another method of making money in that, warriors could sell knives to newb mages who can practice #chiza

Other attributes could be used for other things.

There are quite a lot that can be extended with this type of quest.

Side note: the reason why the 4herbs->healing potions isn't used that much is because there already exist many "free" healing items. Maybe more potions could be made instead of the basic 4herbs->1potion.
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Re: Repeatable attribute based quests

Post by Kage » 06 Dec 2010, 00:02

Would work well with my equipment tier idea.
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Re: Repeatable attribute based quests

Post by salmondine » 09 Dec 2010, 09:10

Since NPC scripts can check level, its surprising that more scripts are not tiered this way.
Events for example...
I'd really like to see more quest scripting done like this.
*Level Check*= appropriate L_Script
afaik the bone knife and setzer quest scripts have worked out quit well with just a level check required, but...
It is my belief that varied content adds to complexity and this = FUN.

Anyway, Yeah great idea.
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