Revamp mob points

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Revamp mob points

Post by nmaligec » 19 Dec 2010, 09:07

I was having a conversation with Calmwind in irc about improving the mob point system and gearing it twoards newcommers. Maybe only mobs in the first areas would give out mob points. It was suggested that more options should be added

1. random items (like before)
2. trade certain # for specific newbie gear
3. trade for xp

So when players first start out playing tmw, they can use mob points to get useful beginner gear until they figure out how the game works and how to get money. When they are higher up, they can gamble a bit and get junk. When they are ready to leave the Tulimshar area, they can trade it all for xp.

Anyway ideas on how to improve it or criticisms of the proposed changes, are needed.
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Re: Revamp mob points

Post by Calmwind » 19 Dec 2010, 09:15

Yes, though I don't think only mobs in newbie areas would give out monster points, I would suggest that a separate but very near monster point system would be created specifically for those under X level (We need your input on what level X would be.) And this 'newbie monster point system' would trade specifically for the things new players lack, only in starting, nothing like warlord anything. Just enough to get going, it could also trade for zeny, though for the newbie one i wouldn't suggest experience as they need to hunt to get money anyhow. As for expanding the current one I'd like to add more options than random items. Example, chose experience trade for mob points on either a 1:1 ratio or 1:2 ratio, zeny on a ratio to be determined, or specific items, maybe even rare ones, for an obscene amount of mob points, thoughts?
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