help me to conect plz

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help me to conect plz

Post by Shoda » 07 Jan 2006, 20:27

when i click on start game...the game exits alone.... wat i have to do???( sry for my english)
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Post by ElvenProgrammer » 08 Jan 2006, 11:25

Reading from
Specify your system name, version and architecture, it is very good idea to include the name of your OS in the topic title, for example: Windows XP: Game is crashing when...

Be verbose, post backtrace, strace, content of tmw.log, versions of dependent software etc. Make sure all of depencies are installed and has correct versions.
Do not use pastebins because content pasted there expires.

Respect the time of developers and helpers - use descriptive topic titles, subjects like "OMFG game isn't working", "WTF HELP!", "GOT PROBLEM!" are not acceptable, and usually indicates that the author is a person not to be treated seriously. Good topic title is eg.: Linux: Can't load map file - unknown error.
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