christmas update - bugs founded

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christmas update - bugs founded

Post by Alige » 22 Dec 2010, 15:28

Helo everyone, as I reported to Wombat, I saw several problems in the new update (some were of course already reported and fixed so ignore them):

- Is it normal that there is too few Bandits ?
- The Bandit Lord in Lena's quest is only a normal Bandit instead of the realy Bandit Lord created
- The soul menhir in Nivalis doesn't work
- Santa Slimes are not always where they should be (located somewhere but we see it somewhere else -> fixed when we find its true place by targetting it and attacking it by distance near it)
- door/warps/cave entrances => normal to have 1 space further instead of between the walls ?
- not any news about christmas right now
- Suggestion : increase drop rate of white present box by mobs when we get deaper into the caves
- was the droprate of coal by mogguns increased in caves ?
- last door that leads to Santa has a problem (what it says is incorrect)
- When we have enough yellow boxes and that their is an automatic pickup, I shows up :"I already have all the Yellow Boxes" and doesnt pick up the yellow box (that doesn't show up on the ground of course) -> normal ?
- Reported to Wombat (but wass it done ?) -> Some slimes are stuck between iceblocks on the ground (5-8th cave) -> this makes slimes stack there and no one can kill them which makes a lack of slimes in the cave

Hope I helped.
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Re: christmas update - bugs founded

Post by natsuki3 » 23 Dec 2010, 13:58

oh , i have the same bugs on my pc , i was thinking its for the internet conection but my conection is very hight so ...
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