Graphics: Show: exp gain, monster %hp; GUI...

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Master Ar2ro
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Graphics: Show: exp gain, monster %hp; GUI...

Post by Master Ar2ro » 21 Jan 2006, 12:25

There are a two things I definitely miss, and they are the following:
o Add a fading text telling you how much exp you gained from the monster, just like the damage ones
o Add some sort of notification how much HP the monster has, or at least how much % HP it has left... even if it wasn't showing exactly, but with a +-25% margin (change every 25% of HP) it would help the new players to know the actual strength of monsters, and recognize which they can kill, and which they cannot, by a few first hits...

GUI changes:
o The resizing thingy in the windows works in the radius of around 2px, that's hard to hit, perhaps make it work in like 5-10px from the window corner... that's not too much, and it would ease the window resizing
o Add a close (or X) button to all the windows, that should make it simpler to close than clicking on its name again...
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Post by Dezinho » 22 Jan 2006, 20:26

wonderful ideas...I agree with exp and show the monster HP...=p
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