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Test Data

Post by VUT » 27 Mar 2011, 19:15

Hello ,

just for info,( I tried to search info about this on forum)
Do the players download data usually from links below ?

git clone git://gitorious.org/tmwdata/mainline.git
git clone git://gitorious.org/tmwserv-data/mainline.git


I tried several times but It seems off line
However I know client and server data example's are downloadable


I found this http://updates.themanaworld.org/
Mana Account+Chat Server v0.1.0.0
Manaserv Protocol v 1
Enet version 1.3.1
Game Server v0.1.0.0
Mana Client v1.0.0

Ubuntu 10.10 - Maverick Meerkat
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Re: Test Data

Post by Crush » 28 Mar 2011, 00:31

These are GIT URLs for developers. GIT is our version control system. It allows the developers to exchange the most recent development version of the game data. Players only use git when they are curious what the developers are currently up to.
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Re: Test Data

Post by Jaxad0127 » 28 Mar 2011, 05:03

Also, tmwserv-data should likely be deleted. Use the example data included with manaserv instead.
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