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Stats Page

Post by baseballboy » 09 Apr 2011, 18:15

Okay, so I'm not sure on who all else agrees but I think we should bring back

It's a very helpful tool and the only reason it was taken away is because of people trying to get better at the game than others.(Wait isn't that the point of a game?)

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Re: Stats Page

Post by Zutan » 09 Apr 2011, 22:36

I would really like there to be a stats about almost everything but I am really not bothered about player stats being able to be compared.

If player stats are done there really should be an opt out.

I would like stats on numbers of each item in game and drop rates over the past day/week/month as well as spell usage, well like I said almost everything but player stats. I would find the information interesting and it would also be useful for mapping out inconsistencies and should lead to more accurate rebalancing efforts for all the different areas.

I'll gladly produce a full list of what will be of help if producing the list will be of help. ;)
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