tmwAthena GM commands trimming

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tmwAthena GM commands trimming

Post by o11c » 18 May 2011, 02:24

I have already deleted a number of GM commands that I have been able to prove did not work correctly, or that were made useless or redundant by the way TMW does things.

However, a number of other commands seem useless to me, even if they work.

Corrections/clarifications on the new help texts and suggestions for a GM command to be renamed are also welcome.

Here is the most recent list of GM commands.

Some particular topics:
  • Should the @charfoo commands be merge into @foo, just with the last parameter optional?
  • The fact that @str, @agi, etc all are implemented using atcommand_param() is slightly problematic. Can these be removed in favor of @allstats and/or @stpoint?
  • Should some of { @who, @whogroup, @whomap, @whomapgroup} be merged?
  • Is there anything worthwhile about @option or @effect ?
  • @disguise (and @chardisguise ?) work, but are they needed?
  • @party when there is /createparty (which requires the party skill, though)
  • Should some of the @.*skill.* and @.*magic.* be merged?
  • Are the @reload.* admin commands useful? I foresee quite a few potential problems if they are used.
  • @killmonster / @killmonster2
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Re: tmwAthena GM commands trimming

Post by Freeyorp101 » 19 May 2011, 01:09

Being able to set attributes to arbitrary values was very useful during balance testing.

@who* may be difficult to merge, unless you're looking at making a mandatory scope parameter, which would make them more awkward to use.

@option is useful, especially when testing persistent particle effects. I haven't used @effect as far as I can recall.

@disguise is not needed and comes with a lot of overhead, unless there is some strong reason to the contrary I don't see why this would need to be kept.

@party has no reasonable use case that I can tell.

I'm not sure how @*skill* or @*magic* would be merged.

@reload* commands are broken and should not be used, nor do I see a need for them to be used.

@killmonster* remains useful. There should remain some way to select whether the affected mobs drop items.

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