[DIS] Closing Git Branches after Merging

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[DIS] Closing Git Branches after Merging

Post by Wombat » 17 Jun 2011, 18:36

Other than the main -data git repos and the -test git repos, I'd like to have all present and future git branches that are for development to be considered temporary. After a branch succeeds on merging with the -test repository, all further fixes/changes need to be done through the testing branch. The temporary branch should be closed after merging and new ones made on a per project basis, rather than being a permanent WIP branch. The test repos are the permanent WIP branches.

Edit Add: If it is desired to continue with the same pre-testing branches for future projects, that is cool. This is more about proper development conventions to prevent confusion. Changes done after a project is merged onto the testing repo should be done through the testing repo. I suppose this means a project branch doesn't need to be deleted as much its role in the project is done once a merge happens.
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Re: [DIS] Closing Git Branches after Merging

Post by o11c » 17 Jun 2011, 20:22

The problem with "allowing" branches to remain open is that some people may forget to push from the latest testing before making their own changes.


Official branches needing to be closed:


and all clones of these.
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