[DIS] Monster Drop Categories

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[DIS] Monster Drop Categories

Post by Wombat » 20 Jun 2011, 09:20

While we work to make sense of our monster drop system, it seems several different types of monster drops can and/or should occur. This is a discussion on the categories that monster drops will typically include.

monster body parts: Many monsters may drop pieces of themselves that can be collected. These drops are good for some quests, some daily quests and some crafting scripts. Some monster body parts can be considered equipment.

food: Some monsters may drop food items and rarer, non-food use items.

economy items: Items that are pre-existing crafting items for particular things may continue to be used or they will slowly be faded out of use for more practical items. These items are used to generate character money or usable items, like heals or iron potions.

rare equipment drop: Many to most monsters will drop equipment in a more uncommon manner in the future. This equipment's backstory could be simply a piece of equipment the monster likes, something from a random person it killed, something that it randomly swallowed, etc. These rarer drops will either be dyeables, the 1st level of a tiered piece of equipment or a non-tiered piece of equipment.

Other categories are open to suggestion and discussion on current categories are also open to suggestion. This is to help define monster drop conventions for how design and request item content for a monster.
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Re: [DIS] Monster Drop Categories

Post by yubabax116 » 26 Jun 2011, 01:48

Thermin Item Ideas:

-Metal Disks -Clock Gears
-Fabrics -Leather straps
-Buckles -Bolts
-Mechanical pieces such as screws
-Bronze -Pile of rust
-Rusty sheet of metal -piece of Chain
-Square of Fiber glass -Tangled Wires
-set of toy wheels -Rubber
-Black Onyx Gem -Buttons
-Maybe some Robot Body parts such as arms, legs, feet Etc. for a quest to help a npc make his robot.
-Metal Poles -Rusty Fan Blades
-Metal Screening -Metal Spikes
-Snow Cones - Winter cakes
-Slushi - Orange Juice
-Gear shapped cookies -Iced water

Maybe for a monster there can be mechanical spiders? xD just edit the regular spider sprite sheet maybe?

Crypt Item Ideas:

-Cats eyes -warriors foot
-Mages Bones -Archers Arm
-Moss - tangled Veins
-raw leftovers -Trolls nose
-Spider webs -Spider fangs
-Jar of Teeth -Black Cat Fur

For a monster idea there can be posessed dolls?

:P hope this helps a bit

XD thats all i can think of at the moment.
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