[DIS] Rebalancing

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[DIS] Rebalancing

Post by yubabax116 » 26 Jun 2011, 00:33

okay so for rebalancing wombat asked me post my idea here.
what i was thinking for rebalancing is the towns, quests, items and levels.

From my experience in MMORPG's i have played some that have good balancing content such as making req. quests and items before getting other stronger items.
what i was thinking was to give this a try:
Make towns available to all characters but they cant do the quests (or buy new equipment) to that town unless they did all the req quests in the previous town before it. Also with clothing you can buy new clothing from each town that is stronger but! to buy it you have to also finish the quests from the previous town or else the shop denies the persons proposal. i think this would help alot with level reqs and quests reqs clothing reqs etc. this will help the characters level on a well balanced scale and might reduce botting (if thats possible). This will also help keep the game organized and fun :D
(Special items can be earned through quests? xD)
this might also reduce multiboxing because by the time your finished the one towns quests (of fighting monsters or something) your level will be grown and you will also have the level to do the other towns quest already.

Comment and let me know what you think, it might take alot of scripting and more graphics, etc. but i know we have a great team and can get it done through time ;)

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