Is eAthena Server able to update to current game material?

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Is eAthena Server able to update to current game material?

Post by Qwerty Dragon » 19 Jul 2011, 13:01

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Re: Is eAthena Server able to update to current game materia

Post by Frost » 19 Jul 2011, 14:36

Qwerty, there are two areas that must be updated when new content is added to the game: client-side data and server-side data.

Client data, which you're correctly configured to update by pulling from, contains new items, graphics for new monsters, map graphics and layouts to display on the screen, and other such things that the client must know how to display. In other words, this is used to understand what the server sends.

Server data is where most new content is added. To see new maps, NPCs, quests, items, and the like, you need to update your server data each time the main server is updated. The easiest way to do this is probably to use git to grab the latest versions of the files.

If your server data is stored in the directory ~/eathena-data, run the following command to fetch the latest files used on the main server. Of course, replace the directory name with whatever you use.
(actually, first stop the server processes, then move your existing directory to another name so that when my bad advice causes your server to blow up, you can recover)
$ mv eathena-data ea-data-old
$ git clone git:// eathena-data

You'll then need to copy over your config files (stored in either conf/ and save/, or in world/) from your old directory to the new one

Then, any time you wish to update the data, simply cd into eathena-data and run
$ git pull
If that shows you files were updated, you'll need to restart your TMW server processes to load the new data.

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Re: Is eAthena Server able to update to current game materia

Post by Wombat » 19 Jul 2011, 17:11

Qwerty Dragon wrote:I do not know how to get latest game updates on my local eAthena Server. This is my first server attempt that is playable.

I am running Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) 32 bit
Used: ... on a Linux tutorial to install eAthena.

In the client the "Hurnscald Herald" updated to July's text (will kill monsters for food); but in the actual game, new NPC's and other content, like maps (041-1 & 042-1) do not appear.

Is there something more I am supposed to type in the file login_local.config?

// Update host
// Tells the client that an alternative updatehost is available if the client
// supports this. If left out nothing will be sent. max length 127.

I am completely new at this and confused.
Please help.
Many of the guides offered on the site are now out of date. The only one that is current is and that links to our -test repositories. We plan on offering more up to date information for server administrators that may not necessarily be involved in development in the future.

If you want to use our guide with the stable repository replace

Code: Select all

git clone --recursive git:// eathena-data

Code: Select all

git clone --recursive git:// eathena-data
. Hopefully this will be of help to you.

Please note that the submodules might be a little advanced for some, if you have issues using these, please come to #tmw-support and we'll attempt to help where we can.
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