Regarding class system and guild

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Regarding class system and guild

Post by keendle » 13 Mar 2006, 15:42

I don't fully understand the class system written in the wiki:
When the player is creating his custom class, he is given 10 build points. He may spend each point on an archetype level. Each archetype level comes with new abilities that become increasingly specialized. A player can use up to 3 different archetypes when creating his character. Each archetype has a maximum of 8 levels.
So technically, there is no pure class? Since the max level per archetype is 8, that means you have to mix and match with other archetypes?

Regarding the guild, what do people think if TMW gives some sort of bonuses if a guild leader has levels of "Leader" archetype (more level of that archetype, the bigger the bonus)?

The bonuses can be anything guild-related, like extended guild member limit, extra boost of Leader ability towards guild member whenever they are partied, etc.
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Post by Crush » 13 Mar 2006, 16:58

That Article is, as the red box above it explains, just a proposal someone made. you shouldn't expect to see it like that in the finished game. and when you ask me this proposal is quite unlikely to make it into the game because most developers want a classless learning by doing system.

That is not the only proposal on the wiki that is bound to be ignored by the developers in my opinion because many proposals on the wiki contradict each other or are just not well thought out.
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