Got Disconnected i have to CLOSE the game!

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Got Disconnected i have to CLOSE the game!

Post by viamamo » 27 Apr 2006, 19:00

When i Got disconnected from the server when i am logging, i have to cloase the game with CTRL + ALT + DEL after that i have to open again to enter in the game =/, you guys cannot do something to whem get disconnected go again to the screen for login? its a suggestion =p
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Post by knivey » 27 Apr 2006, 21:14

I agree and it would also be nice to access your settings without being connected to the server (probably planned).

It would also be nice to have the game always start up in software mode then if opengl is enabled switch to it when getting past the update screen so people without opengl support don't have to delete their config.
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