ALMIGHTY MAGIC BAG!!!! WEWT WEWT oneone!!11 (please read)

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ALMIGHTY MAGIC BAG!!!! WEWT WEWT oneone!!11 (please read)

Post by Hommer » 23 May 2006, 03:25

if you dont wanna read the whole message look for the *'s to see what it does!

OK this is the MAGIC BAG. the point of this is when pvp comes out, when you pk somone you want their gear; right?Well what it does is *when you are wearing this bag when you die EVERYTHING in your inventory drops! but you lose none of your equiped gear!!!* the bag has a 40% chance of going away after each death. these bags are rare but not to rare that only one person has one.


what this bag does is basicly the same thing as a normal magic bag but inhanced protection!. *what it does is it saves your equiped items and items in your inventory! it is more expensive then a normal magic bag and harder to get.* it has a 25% chance of going away after each death.

about pots. Didnt feel like making another topic (pots)

ok i got some idea for pots.

Red pot, Effect *Faster swining speed*
Scroll of rage, Effect * better chance of hitting your target, + enhanced damage*
Wand of Greater Healing, *What these do is return your health to maximum no matter what it is*
Maximus Potion This is a mage potion more expensive then the Wand of Greater Healing but more useful for mages. Effect * It restores full mana points and health points of the user*.
Scroll of The Undead Effect *gives the user a 75% chance to resurrect a skeleton that the user can give weapons/armor to (when skeleton is killed the gear that it has on is given to the owner of that Skeleton). and these can be used for PVP or LVLING*

Leave all regards, more to come soon thanks. ~jake
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