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My Suggestions

Post by Rezmont » 11 Jun 2006, 04:21

These are also posted on Wiki:

Gold Drops - Just think monsters should drop a few gold peices

Marriage- With the Coming of the Female Sex, It might give a more roleplaying feel

Private Chat- Whispering, Guild Chats, Private Chats

Text- The names and chats should be smaller font, and more condensed so not spread apart.

Jobs- I know there will but I think they should be found, like in final fantasy series but we start with novice and get Warrior, Archer, Mage (basics) early on.

Facial Hair- For men make beards, goatees, and stuff

Magical Items- Like for example Santa Hat +5 (with +5 to defense)

Color Text Boxes- Well its grey right now talking to NPC but I found out Brown textboxs work better

Target- Instead of Target above the target it could be red outline or something. (Just think so much text is craming screen)

Archer- Archer when it comes out and hunter please have them like 50% increase of bow attack speed because its slow and since they master it

Sets Like many games sets of items that when together further their powers
Example: Scorpion Set Dropped by
Scorpion: Scorpion: .01%
Red Scorpion: .04%
Black Scorpion .08%

Scorptail (Pants)

5 Defense
+4 Agility

Blade of the Scorp (Sword)

+30 Damage
+3 Attack Speed

Scorpscale Armor (Armor)

7 Defense
+10 Health Points

2 Peices on:

+5 Defense
+5 Damage

3 Peices on:
+10 Defense
+10 Damage
+5 Attack Speed

(You know something like that but not that)

Trade Mode Lets face it who can you really trust without a trade option

Im not gonna say NEW MAPS, ITEMS, EQ, BANk because I know its in the making and that stuff takes time Keep up the good work.

If anyone needs me Rezmont on the game


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