Ask for help regarding any technical issue or report any bug or OS independent issues.
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- Help
Q: How to get help?
A: The fastest way is to come on our IRC channel. There you can find a lot of nice people that will help you until you solve your problem. Server: irc.freenode.net Channel: manaworld.
If you don't like IRC just come to our forum: http://themanaworld.sourceforge.net/phpBB2. It is not needed to register since guest posting is active, but you're welcome if you want to subscribe, it will help to get more players. Ok you think forums are evil? Don't worry, send me an e-mail at umperio@users.sourceforge.net and you're done. That's not enough? No, I won't give you my phone number! ;P


Q: What's CVS?
A: It's a system where is stored the latest development version. It's not assured that it's stable, but surely it has the latest updates. (CVS version is updated quite frequently). If you want to check it out, read this guide http://themanaworld.sourceforge.net/cvs-tutorial.txt

- Windows

Q: The client crashes frequently in Windows, how can I correctly terminate it?
A: Due to the Allegro library we're using, the application - if not closed correctly - remains running, so you should open up your task-manager (Alt+Ctrl+Canc) and terminate the "The Mana World.exe" process. This will probably be fixed soon.

//edit by maci
We are not using Allegro anymore. But if the game hang you can use this solution too.
If you are on Linux it is "killall -9 tmw"
//end of edit

- Game

Q: I always get "Unregistered ID" error message, why?
A: First of all check that your username is at least 4 characters long. Is the first time you login? Then add _M at the end of the username you chose the first time you login. (You don't need to add _M the following times). If you already succesfully connected, but now getting this message, please send an e-mail to umperio@users.sourceforge.net.

Q: I always get "Wrong password" but I'm sure I typed it right, why?
A: If is the first time you login be sure you're not adding _M at the end of your username. Else please send an e-mail to umperio@users.sourceforge.net.

- Development

Q: When will the next version be released?
A: Really don't know. Usually a newer version comes out in a month, but that's not for sure.

You can try asking the devs on IRC for further infos, you can try the latest CVS version or the latest CVS daily snaphost. These are no stable releases but are updated freuqently or even on a daily basis.

Q: How can I contribute?
A: There are a lot of ways:
- If you're a programer or an artist you can be part of the development team. Send an e-mail to umperio@users.sourceforge.net explaining what you want to do.
- You want to work on the server: server customization, scripts, maps. Send an e-mail to umperio@users.sourceforge.net explaining what you want to do.
- You can donate money. Follow the link in the main web page: http://themanaworld.souceforge.net.
- You can be a beta tester. Just play with The Mana World and report every error to the tracker. Read for more infos on the main page http://themanaworld.sourceforge.net.
- Play with The Mana World: more players, more fun! Simple as that! ;-)
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