Just a few ideas.

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Just a few ideas.

Post by DimitriLove » 07 Sep 2006, 08:28

Looking at the game, it looks as though you could use some power ups.

For instance, i'll use my pixel art to field this one.

A flame enchantment:


Click this and it will turn your sword into this:


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Post by Crush » 07 Sep 2006, 08:47

when you would a) resize both icons to 32x32 pixels and b) turn the sword 180° so that it got the same orientation like the other equipment icons we could use them as inventory icons.

About your idea of enchantable weapons: We won't make any large gameplay additions as long as the game still runs on a ragnarok online emulator. But we got a lot of gameplay ideas we will implement when we got our own server software. You should look into the wiki to get familiar with what is planed and see how your idea fits into the whole concept.

By the way: when you open new topics you should try to find a subject line that says something about it. There are a lot of topics on this forum that could be described as "Just a few ideas".
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