Pvp, PvE, RPG ou RvR ?

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What style of mmorpg do you prefer for Manaworld ?

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Pvp, PvE, RPG ou RvR ?

Post by ziolive » 08 Sep 2006, 17:20

I'm not in the team of TMW but i ask a question that i suppose important for the evolution of the game :
What PRIORITY type of mmorpg would you like to play in TMW ?

- a RPG game :
Many quests and collaboratives dungeons.
GM generate quest, actions and talk in NPC
Guilds are using for dungeons.
Story, events and GM action are the most important
Exemple : UltimaOnline

- a PVP game :
Players do quests for having big skills and have strong guild.
Internet is using for between guilds.
Dungeons are usings for competition between guilds too and for weapons.
Exemple : Lineage II

- a RvR game :
Players subscribe in a realms and attack other realms in Big PvP.
Map, with castle and town was create for attack, defend and invasion.
Players could conquer castles of other realms.
Exemple: Dark age of camelot

- a PVE game :
Players have hability for trading, build house or city, havings farms with plants and animals etc...
Environment evoluate by the action of the players.
We must create many jobs and different corporations.
Players can create quest for other players or events.
Exemple: StarWars Galaxy

That choice is very important for create many thing in the game :
- type of Skills,
- maps,
- interaction with the maps,
- guild's system,
- figthing and magical system,
- curve level system

It's very difficult to using all this type of game and combine them.
But we should choose one most important, and integrated other with less importance in the game (with a long time...)
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Post by Crush » 10 Sep 2006, 04:30

Noone dared to comment about this topic yet?

The reason might be that people fear the conflict that will raise around this topic. The opinions where the general focus of the game should be differ a lot on the development team. At the moment everyone thinks that he is working toward his personal vision of the mana world. But the moment when it is decided what the general focus of the game will be, a lot of people will realize that the game won't be what they expected.

The consequence will be that many people will leave the team. But that wouldn't necessarily mean the end of the project. Thanks to the gpl everyone can take the sourcecode and create a fork project that fits his personal vision a lot more. The Mana World Project could maybe spawn a whole family of mmorpgs with different focuses. But in the current development phase it is definitely too early to create fork projects because of small disputes. There is too much that would have to be done for any of the options above. There is much to do until we really have to find a solution. So it would be the best to delay discussions as long as possible to get as much done together as we can.

In the meantime it would be the best to work in the direction of a framework that is as open and customizable as possible so that everyone who has an idea for a general game concept can create it with minimal effort.
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Post by Modanung » 10 Sep 2006, 09:25

Well if all we planned will be worked out it will be a mix of all four. With owning houses and shops, having guilds and kingdoms at war or peace and last but not least we'll have quests and dungeons.
But I voted PvE.
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Post by ziolive » 11 Sep 2006, 13:16

one solution :
- coding all these functions in the game :roll:
- Build a TMW server interface for an administrator. He will choose to activate or not any function (ex: number's player max for guild, players can build house, choice of jobs available etc...) for the game and an interface for maps.

With this system we'll have different servers for players want only play PvP, PvE or RPG etc...

Each server can have adapted maps for his gameplay.

Personnaly i think it's better that fork...
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