Enter world screen bug.

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Enter world screen bug.

Post by Tarm » 07 Oct 2006, 02:46


Sometimes when I start TMW everything works until I get to after the connecting screen and should see the game world.The connecting screen is still there and I paint the screen with my mouse tail.Sometimes the character is visible in the middle but not always.If I close the game and try again it usually works but it have happened that I have to try three times.It's not a game killer but I guess it should be looked at so players dont start spamming the forum with questions about this bug. ;)

Edit: I use the windows version.
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Post by Crush » 07 Oct 2006, 02:58

I am also encountering this strange bug from time to time.

Usually (but not always) it appears right after i recompiled tmw. But when i close it and start it again it works fine.

Very mysterious...
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