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New Guy, Hello, Have some Idears

Post by thenthdoctor » 22 Nov 2006, 10:49

Hello, I like this project, and want to get involved.

I'll unfold myself over the next weeks but here are my first observations...

Would be very nifty to have these options...

= ESC-key behavior =
o quit dialog
o close current window
o afk
= Other =
Other is a suck name, sort these out :)
o newbie mode
o popup inventory and survival tips when:
o injured

= General Options =
- Show combat stats in chat window
- All?
- Getting wounded only
- Allies too
- Any non-enemy nearby
- Map scale

= UI Options =
== Button Mode ==
o I prefer freefloating buttons
o I prefer a palette
o I prefer a menubar
o top
o bottom
o floating

== UI Clutter Options ==
X I like roll-up, Linux/Mac style
X I like minimize, Windows-style.
Preferred mode (options: Map, Prefer rollup, prefer minimize, only rollup, only minimize)
o Point to show
o Hover to show (delay slider)
o Click to show
X I like
o show/hide buttons on:
o chat/console
o everything
o only (X window list)

== Docking ==
=== Snap-to-dock ===
Snaps all windows to the edges when moved into range.
X turn snap-to-dock on
X dock by default (window list)
o roll-in button when docked
o always show roll-in windows (docks when clicked)

== Button Style ==
o I prefer text on buttons
o I prefer text and icons on buttons
o I prefer icons-only on buttons
I'll fill out my profile and junk someday :)
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Post by Platyna » 22 Nov 2006, 14:47

Then code it, it is Open Source game, so if anyone want's to change something s/he is welcome to do so.

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Post by Bjørn » 22 Nov 2006, 15:29

I regard many of these options as too much choice. We should work to simplify, not try to build another KDE.

ESC should close a modal dialog, that's common sense. When it currently doesn't (I guess not consistently), make it so. But don't make it an option. For any non-modal dialog, there is currently no such thing as "current dialog".

An away mode would certainly be nice. The challenge would be in implementing the away mode, not in binding a key to it. Probably we can think of a better key than ESC for it, or include it as a button in the quit dialog.

There are improvements that could be made to the button bar, including: icons, shortcut display, keep pressed depending on whether the window is open and allowing to move it around. But please think of ways to improve the current situation instead of introducing any of those button options in the configuration (overkill).

Minimization of windows isn't necessary, they're hidden instead and available with button/shortcut. Roll-up can be added, but is only useful when some summary would become available in the remaining titlebar. Keep in mind that it's currently messy to assign any shortcut to this, since there is no "current window".

Instead of having the "I like..." option for specifying which windows you'd like, make the windows visible on quit automatically visible on startup (restore visibility state). Less configuration is better.

Docking feature: nice idea, but really needs to be thought out well before starting implementation.

Button style: no need for this option, just make it look good by default.

Feel free to work on any of this stuff, but just keep this in mind. Note that it's all just my opinion.
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