RFE: Do not allow selling items which are equipped.

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RFE: Do not allow selling items which are equipped.

Post by rcpao » 03 Dec 2006, 21:19

You should have to unequip an item before you can sell it.

It would also be nice to be able to "lock" any number of items as unsellable unless it is "unlocked" first. This is just to prevent accidentally selling (or trading) an item you deem valuable.

I was trying to sell a Knife and ended up selling the Dagger I was using. Sigh. At least I still have a Knife.
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Post by Madcap » 03 Dec 2006, 21:50

If you haven't scored another dagger yet, I'll give ya one.
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Post by Quiche_on_a_leash » 03 Dec 2006, 22:10

I'm pretty sure you cannot sell any equiped items.

*goes off to check*

No you can't.

Maybe you client had an some sort of error, I have in the past had a error like that only I had extra miners hats. which I then sold and made some money.
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