x-mas quest ideas

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x-mas quest ideas

Post by jamesnmegan » 04 Dec 2006, 05:40

i will start off by saying i know how much hard work goes into a special event. even more so if npc's are needed. however it would be fun to see an in depth quest . such as; santa's sleigh has crashed and we have to help gather the pieces scattered all over the map. there could be elf npc's set up in different areas with mini quests for pieces. after you have all the pieces return them to santa so he can set off on his hard work. of course there would have to be a handsome reward for such a quest.

don't have to be a special event, i would just like to see some of those amazingly frustrating quests that take you throughout the whole world like we used to see in some of the classic rpg's. :wink:
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Post by Crush » 04 Dec 2006, 17:57

There already is a thread for collecting ideas for the christmas event in the graphic development forum:

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