On Screen buttons

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On Screen buttons

Post by MathGeek » 18 Nov 2004, 04:15

I'd like to see buttons on screen that bring up different menus. One button for:


I like the Help button since new players may not pick things up quickly, and mousing is basic for most users. Beyond that whenever new features are added they can be added to the help menu.

Would it be difficult to have the game clear all menus off the screen if a user hit "space" with a empty message. This would be an easy way to clear non essential menus, and when a maggot is killing you behind a menu speed is important.
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Post by krismichael » 18 Nov 2004, 22:09

I'm already working on that.

Originally the game was designed to ONLY use the keyboard so nobody was working on buttons, instead we were going to use HotKeys.

But now we are starting to use more and more mouse controls in the game, so I'm working on buttons/icons for menus, etc.

This is an example of what I've been working on for the next version of the GUI/UI/UIX:
http://themanaworld.sourceforge.net/php ... .php?t=223

There is still more work to be done on this but it should give you a better idea of where things are going.

If you have any other suggestions or if you like any specific GUI from a game let me know.
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Post by Guest » 19 Nov 2004, 02:52

That was so fast. I post a suggestion and beng, it's done. The GUI looks great, but there's no help button. I guess it's all straight forward, so that shouldn't matter. Great work there Turtle person.
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Post by ElvenProgrammer » 19 Nov 2004, 17:20

Yeah good work "Turtle person", but we should discuss about something :wink:
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