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world cleanup

Post by Dave » 05 Feb 2007, 06:04

So the weekend lapsed with no apparent meeting regarding content. I'm not sure if anyone else was informed, but Pauan has decided to leave the project for an indefinite amount of time; I don't know the reasons. Whatever the case, he was the person I was bouncing ideas off of, in an effort to have more of a presentation for everyone this weekend. Unfortunately, I didn't receive his email of "resignation" until earlier this morning, after a day with next-to-no functional network/web. Fortunately however, he left a foundation solid enough to build a great world map. I think I will have a better idea of what our meetings should tackle once I get some more of this stuff cleaned up.

Until then, just keep up with the advances in the software area; I foresee no more conceptual roadblocks in our path, so long as everyone is patient and willing to let go of a few sentimentals. The design phases for the central continent will commence, as soon as a consensus is reached about our game mechanics. After all, we can't start designing places if we don't know how the game systems will work.

things that I did on the wiki yesterday and today:

Trimmed the races article to better prepare for the addition of actual information, which is on the way.. Oh and sorry about the sloppy race graphics that I chopped out of the previous header image. I didn't bother to lighten the edges, so they're still a bit dark from the old background color. We can pretty things up when someone gets time.

Swapped the positions for the Swamp and Metal areas on the world map image, making more sense out of the updated elemental scheme.

Began but did not finish reorganizing the Geography page. The first phase of this has been largely scavenging through names and relocating things.

Fixed a few status tags to prepare for upcoming changes.

Other than that, read over the corners of the wiki to get a better outlook of what was there. The biggest hurdle at this point is figuring out a good set of game mechanics. What is currently proposed is insufficient to build a balanced or versatile system, which is precisely what this project deserves.

It doesn't sound like much, but it's getting there.

If everyone involved just keeps up the great work on the technical aspects of the game that I can't comprehend, I will guarantee success for the setting. I will open threads and polls when necessary and schedule meetings for anything of a larger-scale problem, but I'll try to keep things to written proposals, since IRC chatter doesn't seem to get a lot done for some cases.

I know we will reach a consensus on the game mechanics, based on my recent proposal. It will just take some more detailed explanations.

Sorry for not holding a meeting, but I promise we'll do fine to hold off for a minute. I will keep this thread updated with notable changes and as I said, will be advertising polls and questionnaire threads when necessary. I will try to have a complete enough proposal for viewing within a week's time or so, with regard for a set of game mechanics. It won't be a monster like the document some of you might have seen, many months ago, but it should get the job done.
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