TMWServ Development Report March 2007

Content and general development discussion, including maps, quests, and server code from the development team.
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TMWServ Development Report March 2007

Post by Crush » 31 Mar 2007, 03:02

To make the development of the new server more transparent to the community I will from now on post monthly reports about the progress of the new client/server combination.

So this is what we got done in march:

Avaniel took care of a lot of inter-server communication stuff like communicating the character attributes between gameserver and database server and transfering characters between different gameservers. He also improved the compatiblity with macintosh systems a lot.

In the meantime Trapdoor created a functional chat channel system. It is now possible to create, enter and leave global chat channels to talk with other players anywhere in the game world. Currently he is working at the guild system so that you will be able to make your inofficial guilds official as soon as the new server goes online.

I finally implemented basic attacking and damage calculation. Monsters and players can now be hit, damaged and killed. I also created the basic infrastructure for attribute handling and communication of attributes between gameserver and client.

Wrapping it all up I would say that this was a very productive month for TMWServ. We got a lot of crucial things done. I hope that we can keep the good teamwork up.
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Post by Cosmostrator » 31 Mar 2007, 03:59

Great progress guys. It's good to hear that so much is getting done. I guess the message boards have been slow cause you all are busy programing :P
I can't wait until an official super pre alpha version .00000001 server goes up so us non-programmers can test it out.
Keep up the good work-
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Post by Matt » 31 Mar 2007, 10:34

Cosmostrator wrote:e alpha version .00000001 server goes up so us non-programmers can test it out.
Well that would be the server and your lastest svn trunk client build ;)
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Post by Rotonen » 01 Apr 2007, 21:12

Actually I think we count as alpha the moment the new server is usable in some fashion (as in version 0.1.0 comes out).
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