WEapons, and NPc's!!!!!!!!!

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Dragon Rider
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WEapons, and NPc's!!!!!!!!!

Post by Dragon Rider » 10 May 2007, 00:32

I have alot of idea's for NPCS, weapons, and swords please take a look at them I'm really trying to become a GM or devloper in this game.

<img src="http://img15.imgspot.com/u/07/128/19/cap3.gif"> Cap

<img src="http://img15.imgspot.com/u/07/128/19/crown.gif"> Crown

<img src="http://img15.imgspot.com/u/07/128/19/hammer.gif"> Hammer

<img src="http://img15.imgspot.com/u/07/128/19/icoswordv.gif"> Gaint Sword

<img src="http://img15.imgspot.com/u/07/128/20/sword1.gif">Sword

<img src="http://img15.imgspot.com/u/07/128/20/uomo.gif">Spell seller

<img src="http://img15.imgspot.com/u/07/128/20/paesant.gif">Paesent

<img src="http://img15.imgspot.com/u/07/128/20/paesant1.gif">Paesent2

<img src="http://img15.imgspot.com/u/07/128/20/anziano.gif">Wise old man
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Post by Crush » 10 May 2007, 00:55

The first thing you should know when you want to become a developer is that we are making our own content here and are not just stealing stuff from other games.

What's wrong with you guys who post graphics from other games and claim their own? Do you think noone who plays tmw plays any other games so noone will ever find out? Do you think the people who have the copyright on those graphics don't care when we use them and won't send their lawyers after us? Do you think we really have a need for people on the team who possess no useful skills besides using google image search and can't create anything on their own?

Please come back when you have learned the meaning of copyright and how to create graphics yourself.
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Post by originaljustin » 10 May 2007, 05:00

That's funny! That cap u posted is from Diablo.
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Post by HaLLanHype » 10 May 2007, 05:25

I was gonna say same thing beat me to it...

also posted some ragnarok characters there..
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