/away, /notify, /privmsg, /nick

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/away, /notify, /privmsg, /nick

Post by baited » 14 May 2007, 01:53

These suggestions come from using IRC, for the most part. This is just a thought, don't know if ne1 else will like them.
  • /away - to mark away use /away to mark back use /back. When the character is away it should have some form of visibibly showing it is away.
  • /notify - used to create a list of characters that you will be notified when they are online. use /notify add <nick> or /notify remove <nick>. Maybe even have a list that can be displayed.
  • /privmsg - to send a message to one character. Could also be /wisper
  • /nick - Change your current nickname, but not the character name.
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Post by trapdoor » 14 May 2007, 09:37

I plan to add /afk with it being unset by moving or fighting.

I don't see the need for /nick

I am not sure if notify will be needed once we have a "buddy" list, at the moment you can see when guild members come online and go offline.

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Av3nger (Offline)
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Post by Av3nger (Offline) » 22 May 2007, 19:17

maybe could add

/chat > Open a little window up the character written what you want...
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Post by Blamoo » 09 Jun 2007, 22:01

/find <user>
to track someone (map, x, y)[/code]
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