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Post by mr_mini » 26 May 2007, 07:15

i have an other idea that is can some one plz make more places to go im gettin board of the same old places thnx
Dr Wahl
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Post by Dr Wahl » 26 May 2007, 07:38

The core developers (namely Crush, Trapdoor, etc.) are working on the new server. If you are interested in new content, do it yourself. I also would not get to attached to your character, because once the new server is in place, the old accounts will be wiped out. To fill your time until the new server is available, maybe consider making some new maps/gear. Also, if you have suggestions that do not have to do with the topic, please create a new topic instead of highjacking some one else's topic.

Back to the topic.

Localized servers have been talked about, but i'm not sure why we would need them. The traffic is not terribly heavy right now, and everything is written in English, so there would not be localizations support.
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Post by Matt » 26 May 2007, 09:31

Mh i wonder what kinds of programmer bjorn,doener and bertram are then :P
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Post by Platyna » 26 May 2007, 11:15

No backsit moderation here please, you are hijacking my work which happens to be chewing out on people and removing their posts. And we don't have core developers, it is not Linux kernel. We have developers, and we have devils little helpers who are doing something from time to time. And about making alot of places, do not suggest such things unless you are graphically skilled and you can make them. It is like you would suggest your collegue to eat something to not die. And before posting anything in this forum please use the search function, to check out if someone else didn't posted idea like yours, otherwise it is just a waste of precious SQL queries.

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