Building TMW on *nix

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Building TMW on *nix

Post by Shura » 27 Dec 2004, 10:52

Hello everyone,

Building of TMW should be fairly easy. You can find some docs in TMW's source tree in ./docs/INSTALL about the install procedure and its dependencies.
if you run into problems make sure they aren't already answered here on the forum or on the wiki in the misc. subsections of CoreDevelopment (1).
When your problems aren't solved yet, feel free to ask here or in our IRC channel. (2)

If you have solved a common or unusal problem please take the time and add questions and their answers to the FAQ (3).

Oh, before I forget, read these if you plan to submit patches!

Now we hope you have fun while playing the game or messing with it. ;)

The TMW Team

(1) ... evelopment
(2) [url]irc://[/url]
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Post by Bjørn » 04 May 2005, 13:21

This is now done using the common "./configure", "make" and "make install" sequence. Be sure to still read the INSTALL and README files supplied with the release, of couse.

-> No longer sticky.
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