Couple of things...

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Ryo Kimball
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Couple of things...

Post by Ryo Kimball » 03 Aug 2007, 03:35

One is mainly for the forums --why not make a forum listing and just put blacklist names there instead of all the arrant fussing?

And the other --for which I have prepared a pretty little skit for.

I want jeans! I've been looking for them forEVER!! I mean, I've heard it takes about 1000 snakes killed to find them... and mathematically that seems right, but I don't get it! I've killed at least 1000! I mean, I've gone onto at least 1.5 K, but maybe even onto two or three thousand!! A...

You know what, I'll just say it:

Why not make a record or something for the characters? I mean, a simple txt file to accompany each profile/character couldn't be too hard --the oldest characters won't even approach a whole three kilobytes... then we could see how many of what we've killed and stuff....

Obviously not a stupendous (though possibly stupid) idea, but it will probably not be able to be implimented until the daunting server change and whatnot.
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TMW Adviser
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Post by Crush » 03 Aug 2007, 13:22

Having trivial statistics for everything the character did would be a nice gimmick in my opinion. But it would just be a gimmick and as such has not a high priority.

About the blacklist you propose: what do you mean with that? A list of players someone has a quarrel with? Jeeze, can't you players solve your disputes yourself?
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Post by Modanung » 03 Aug 2007, 18:45

I liked that too in the first Diablo. Hovering over a monster would show his status and how many you killed of 'em.
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