Party System 2!

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Party System 2!

Post by St_Lavrionne » 10 Aug 2007, 05:35

I finished reading the "Party System" Stuff, and... yeah it's right.
Can I Suggest Something?

On party mode, you could use Spotlights to know what is the actually situation. Also you may add Coordinates and Map name in Party Screen manager.
I suggest something new

- Mana Wind [Name Party] (you can change the name, of course!)

Leader of the party could establish a "Save Point Teleporter". I mean, a kind of item which makes everyone on the party, return to the selected point when they die. Also when they decide to reunite, and for this last case, at cost of money.
Every member party, excepting for the leader who manages Mana Wind, have "Mana Shard [Name Party]" as a proof of being a Party Member.

Story of the Item (If you want, you can change it too):

When Mana appeared on the world, little Mana Balls sprouted from the plants generating the atmosphere and the winds. Those shards were reunited making a Mana Wind. The Mana Wind and Mana Shards are from the same essence. It's a item which lets a Leader of Party reunite with his friends and companions. It's a item of friendship and courage.

- Item Sharing

Many times we ask: If we are Party members, why we can't help the others by restoring them?
Well Item Sharing can be a great solution. It could be added as a New Menu Function. Used only for HP and MP Restoring items (Cactus Potion, Candy, Roasted Maggot, etc...).

Ways of "How to Restore":

1. Using the item in a party member who is not yourself.

2. Using the item in the whole party. The amount of Restore it's determined by calculating:

HP or MP restored by the item
---------------------------------------- = HP or MP for Restore every member
Number of Party Members

If this number it's not a "whole number", the amount of Restore its reduced by " -1 ", for every member.

For "All HP/MP" Restoring cases (like Elixir), it could be divided between:

HP or MP MAX of the User
------------------------------------ = HP or MP Restore every member
Number of Party Members

3. Also including a "Resurrection Potion" (at high costs) only for Party's use. Just works on members corpses.

- Leadership and Cooperation Skills:

Being into a party allows to learn some new skills by gaining EXP. (They are reseted if a member quits, or the party itself ends)

1. Leadership Spirit (Lv 0 to 10): Every member from the party level ups his stats by 2 for level. The leader receives "+1" for this skill. Stats to level up are decided by the leader.
Note: EXP is gained by monsters killed.

2. Medical Improving (Lv 0 to 5): Amounts of Restore in "Item Sharing" improves by 5% for level.
Note: EXP is gained by amount HP & MP restored. Of course, this amount should be really higher for those players who are very "Tricky".

3. Leadership Relief (Lv 0 to 1): Reaching to the next level allows to switch the Leader "Range" with one of the party members. (No Skill is reseted by doing this)
Note: This skill requires "Leadership Spirit" on level 5 and "Medical Improving" on level 2

4. Mana Teleporting (Lv 0 to 3): This refers to "Mana Wind". Lv 1 allows to dead party members return to the "Save Point", Lv 2 allows to reunite in this "Save Point" at cost of money, Lv 3 receives a discount of 50% in the teleporting.

Well man, this for now its on my mind. I hope it could be used.
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Giving items

Post by Verius » 12 Aug 2007, 01:56

- Item Sharing

Many times we ask: If we are Party members, why we can't help the others by restoring them?
Well Item Sharing can be a great solution. It could be added as a New Menu Function. Used only for HP and MP Restoring items

Yes it's very useful that. It's a great idea, cause sometimes it's difficult to kill the red scorpions and other monsters. Colaboration between party members would increase. This is not just a "Playing Topic", it foments the fair play. An Psychological effect! A nice game
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Re: Giving items

Post by lion94 » 12 Aug 2007, 07:32

I think so,too!! :D :D :D :D
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Post by dslegends » 15 Sep 2007, 04:25

I like the idea about the item where the party leader can place the item down where the dead members will be revived
good suggestion
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Post by Kyle » 17 Sep 2007, 12:19

It's a great idea, but I personally think that you let your imagination run a little wild. I also think that it would be a burden to be able to implement ALL of these things for a section of the game that is not necessarily needed. Just my opinion.
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